It’s justuff, The art of letting go


It’s been nearly ten years in the making, and it’s finally ready. I, like other writers, learned the hard way that writing and publishing a book is never as easy as we’d like it to be. After countless iterations, constant naming and re-naming chapters, and adding more stories, I had to call it “finished.” The first round of printed books was proof of my struggle but allowed me the chance to make some important changes before more were sold.

“It’s justuff, The art of letting go” and the stories within merely scrape the surface of the experiences I’ve amassed over the past 14 years. My clients have been both challenging and gracious as they’ve allowed me the freedom to guide them through their individual situations. I’m fortunate to have the memories and I’m blessed to have known and served over 1,000 clients in several states.

Now that I’m over the hump of publishing my first book on the subject I feel free to move forward and continue to refine my services to further meet the increasing demands clients pose. As a continued part of my goal over the next decade, I am making myself available to a broader range of prospective clients through alternative forms of service. (More on this at a later date.)

In addition, anyone who thinks they would like to consider a career as a lifestyle transition strategist will soon be able to attend specialized training and seminars where they’ll be able to refine their own business strategies and services. Just a warning, make no mistake, this is very hard work – but, it’s also very rewarding.

Whether you’re a potential client or a practitioner, you should read this book. It won’t take long, but you can expect to gain a fantastic and memorable insight into many aspects of the business. I sincerely hope you enjoy the read. And, if you do me the honor of submitting a review or comment, I’d be grateful it if you would treat me with the same kindness as you yourself would appreciate. As with anything in life, the more we practice, the better we get!